viaggi bus organizzati

Our mission

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We want your trip to be emotion and discovery . This is why we have chosen to specialize in organizing holidays and coach tours, to promote and enhance what for us is a real style of travel .

We want you to enjoy every single moment without any apprehension, knowing that we take care of everything . This is why we study the itinerary down to the smallest detail, offering a high quality service.

We want every moment to become special, because through our itineraries we enrich ourselves, on a human and cultural level . This is why we strive every day to always give you the best, driven by a great passion for what we do.

This is our mission and our philosophy.

TURI TURI, a travel style Traveling by bus, that's why

A coach holiday is different from any other trip, because it is a choice that passes through emotions, awareness and a spirit of discovery.
It's a real travel style.

viaggi bus organizzati
Traveling by bus is sharing

Because it is possible to live the experiences with a group of people who have made the same choice. The moments spent together increase relationships and develop relationships that are more easily established when traveling by bus. We move on the same level, friendships are born and new encounters are conceived.

viaggi bus organizzati
Traveling by bus is style

Because quality is a precious and essential element, as is the organizational aspect. Turi Turi allows you to associate these values with comfort and practicality. The blend that is created is the right mix for a priceless travel style.

viaggi bus organizzati
Traveling by bus is knowledge

Because you have the opportunity to enjoy every single moment. During the journey, you discover different places, which in other situations would have been hidden by the frenzy of the passage, and the different stages acquire a special flavor. Single.

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Traveling by bus is culture

Because you can discover new places, with which, through direct experience, you can deepen your cultural heritage. We enrich ourselves in every respect, increasing our personal baggage and savoring new concepts and different realities.

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Traveling by bus is convenience

Because the value for money is an important feature of Turi Turi trips, which combine experience and know-how to satisfy the precise requests of the tourist. Satisfying this aspect also helps to disconnect from the daily frenzy and fully enjoy the itinerary.

viaggi bus organizzati
Traveling by bus is comfort

Because the holiday is lived without any apprehension. Organization is an essential aspect and, once the destination and date have been chosen, there are no further thoughts. Turi Turi, in fact, takes care of every logistical aspect of the trip, making it totally planned.

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Traveling by bus is safety

Because Turi Turi's many years of experience as a tour operator guarantees tranquility and is synonymous with serenity in a path free from worries and useless thoughts. Insurance and warranty accompany the passenger during the journey.


We are a group of professionals committed day after day to ensure the highest quality and safety in your travels. The internal staff and the tour leaders contribute, each for their own skills, to make every moment, every stage, special full of emotions.

tour pullman direzione
general direction

He oversees all the tour operator's activities. He follows the creation and development of each trip step by step to guarantee that quality of service that is the signature of Turi Turi.

tour pullman progettazione

It's our research team. His task is to always find new destinations and plan travel solutions that live up to your expectations and the high standards we have set ourselves. The design division is structured to offer specific services dedicated to both organized groups and schools.

tour pullman coordinamento

He manages and supervises the work of the tour leaders. Through its activity, it guarantees the efficiency of their work and the highest quality of your trip.

tour pullman customer care

It is our assistance service. Always at your disposal, he is ready and prepared to meet your needs. It is structured to offer specific assistance to both private and business customers, to accompany the work of the various agencies in the area.

tour pullman amministrazione

It deals with all the administrative and financial aspects of the trip: from the collection to the preparation of the necessary documentation up to the relationships with the host structures and with the partner agencies of our tour operator.

tour pullman marketing comunicazione

Always at the forefront of promoting and enhancing the business of Turi Turi, this division is responsible for raising awareness of the added value of our tour operator, both at a B2B and B2C level.

tour pullman logistica

Coordinates all logistical aspects of the trip. It is the department that manages the itinerary in the strictest sense of the term, from the different stages to the transfers.

tour pullman tour operator

They are your travel companions, at the forefront of itinerary management. I am with you to personally ensure your satisfaction and make sure that your holiday is only emotion and discovery.